• Outreach Echospace
  • Echospace creates workspaces that get the best out of your team, through our tested office design methodology – where we explore 4 simple questions.
    • What is?

      We'll explore your current reality. What works, frustrates & must change

    • What if?

      Here we look at new possibilities, cool trends and fun ideas.

    • What wows?

      We'll need to pick out the very best of the great ideas.

    • What works?

      Consolidating the ideas, the concept design starts to take shape.

  • Our Process

  • Meet & Learn

    We’ll meet, get to know one another better and learn more about the business; its processes, your aspirations and your people.

  • Engage & Think

    After meeting the project stakeholders we’ll take the time to understand the ‘why’ behind your business. And once we’ve assessed your workplace limitations and the tools your team needs to do a great job, we’ll start to develop your project strategy.

  • Solution Design

    During this stage we’ll plan the creative and technical design of your new workspace whilst finalising the project programme and all associated costs.

  • Delivery

    Once you've given our designs the green light, we’ll clearly define each phase of your construction and start building.  We handle every little detail to make sure we deliver on time and without spending a penny over the agreed budget.

  • Relocation Management

    Our work doesn’t just end with a practical completion certificate. We’ll make sure that there’s no operational downtime - by getting desks and chairs in the right place and your internet, computers, printers and coffee machines up and running, ready for action.

  • "Many thanks again to the whole Echospace team. The Floors have become beautiful and we are very satisfied with the work" - Nic Volmer. Technical Asset Manager

  • CAT A+ Office fit out
    • The best solutions use both your left and right brain.

  • Too much left brain - you run the risk of being traditional and predictable. Too much right brain - you’ll come up with something new and exciting, but it might not be fit for purpose. Our left brain needs right brain for fresh ideas and our right brain needs left brain to ensure that what it comes up with, actually works.

  • LEFT

    Our left brain is said to be the more linear, ordered and logical side. It is objective, rational and interested in analysing facts, to make sure everything makes sense.


    Our right brain is creative – daydreaming, imagining and coming up with crazy ideas that push boundaries. It’s interested in the arts, intuition and emotion and it’ll come up with the most original ideas.

  • Our service offering
    using left & right thinking

    • Project management

      To guarantee delivery on time, within budget and with no operational downtime, we always agree a fixed price contract and delivery programme. And your dedicated project manager will keep you up to date with regular site visits, meetings and financial updates.

    • Budgeting

      We’ll make sure our build and furniture solutions get the most out of your budget. And because we agree a fixed budget upfront, you’ll have the peace of mind that whatever we've agreed, we’ll deliver.

    • Move management

      Our dedicated move management team will be on site to make sure that when you walk through the doors of your new office, you’ll be stepping into a fully functioning workspace.

    • Landlord approvals

      Landlords and building management can be challenging to say the least, so as part of our service we aim to ease your pain. We’ll liaise with landlords/ local authorities and handle all of the red tape on your behalf, to make sure you get exactly what you want in your new space.

    • Technology integration

      Problem-free connectivity and technology bring the built environment to life and are essential to the success of any business. Our team will make sure your technology – from IT, AV and managed services through to AI if necessary - works in harmony with your new office space.

  • illustration of brain showing left and right sections
    • Space planning & Interior design

      We manage everything from initial concept through to a fully detailed scheme - including finishes, 3D visuals and technical drawings.

    • Workplace consultancy

      By getting under the skin of your business, we can create a workspace that helps unlock your team’s full potential, by keeping your people happy and giving them the tools they need to get the best out of them.

    • Furniture Specification

      The fun part - where you get to visit some of London’s most exciting showrooms and check out furniture for your new workspace - which our creative team will help you choose.

    • Change Management

      With your people in mind, our change management approach ensures that change is thoroughly and smoothly implemented and most importantly, that the lasting benefits of change are achieved.