Threads Styling



  • Telephone House, EC2
  • 20,000 SQFT | CAT A & B | 12 weeks on site


Threads Styling were on the hunt to create a statement HQ and move out of their serviced space.


Carrying out building due diligence and test fits/space planning allowed us to identify the right building where Threads were able to create synergy between people, place, and tech.


Our team created a dynamic space that inspires the Threads team and its users. The space boasts a mix of industrial and modern finishes, with exposed services and clean lines. Features include photography studios, impressive collaborative zones, and a spacious meeting suite.

Check out the transformation video here


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  • It looks amazing, I don’t have the words to describe it eloquently enough, but it’s amazing. Beyond amazing! Thank you for sticking with us, putting up with us, for keeping Rach sane, and being such a massive support to her. You’ve built us something amazing. I can’t thank you enough!

    Threads Styling

    Dee Flaherty, EA
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