Kuvari Partners


Hedge Fund

  • Wells Street, W1A
  • 5,000 SQFT | CAT B | 5 weeks on site


Faced with a leased expiry and planned strategic growth Kuvari Partners initiated a search for a new office space. The timeframes of this project meant delivery during COVID lockdown.


Our team carried out due diligence across several buildings in order to identify the optimal space. We had inherent knowledge of the chosen building 55 Wells Street which allowed us to deliver the project entirely “digitally.”


Incorporating design features such as ceiling details, feature lighting, and bespoke joinery, we created a smart and sophisticated client-facing environment including a high spec meeting suite and snug lounge.


  • DSC04274-1-aspect-ratio-3840-2343
  • DSC04285-aspect-ratio-3840-2343
  • It was a pleasure to work with you all. It’s particularly impressive that the office was completed in such a timely and transparent manner given the period we worked together on it was so challenging with lockdowns in place. Top-quality.

    Kuvari Partners

    Padraig Hayes - CEO
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